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Rev. Dr. Delesslyn A. Kennebrew, J.D., M.Div.

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GO There and SAY This!

Posted on October 15, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Have you ever been the bearer of good or even bad news?  Have you ever had to be the one voice to carry a message to a certain person or group of people?  Have you ever been told to say something in a very particular way in order to convey what the sender of the message actually intended for it to convey?  

Well, I can answer YES to all of these questions.  I have had to deliver good and bad news.  I have had to give a message to certain people and groups of people.  I have also had to say something in a very specific and strategic way in order to best convey the intent of the sender of the message.  YES, I have been there and done that!  I have had to go there and say this!

Now, up until this moment, you have probably been recalling the messages you have had to carry on behalf of parents, bosses, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc.  BUT I want to invite you to recall the last time that you heard a word from the Lord AND you shared it just as it was given to you.  Think about that for a moment.

Seriously.  When is the last time you heard a word from the Lord or felt a deep impression in your spirit to go there and share this with a specific group of people  or one specific person?
Can we talk about that for a minute?

These days, we all have so much to say.  We have thoughts and opinions about everything and we are willing to open up our mouths or send a tweet or update our Facebook or linked-In status or post a caption on a picture for Instagram about randomness.  So, it just makes me wonder if anyone is truly open to hearing and sharing the simplicity and authenticity of the message that the Lord asked his disciples to share.

5 These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. 6 Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. 7 As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ [Matthew 10:5-7]

Jesus said GO There and SAY This!
GO to the LOST and proclaim this simple message: The Kingdom of heaven has come near!

That is all they had to say!  Now, if we went to church on Sunday morning and the only thing that the preacher said was the one liner that Jesus told his disciples to say, we would feel  some kind of way about that.  We would probably feel shortchanged.  We, as in us church people, would think it it was obvious that the preacher had not studied.  We would have something negative to say about that one sentence sermon.... unless you are a huge fan of efficient worship because you would certainly, more than likely be getting out of church very early.

I wonder if a preacher has ever preached this ONE line.  The Kingdom of heaven has come near.  I wonder if any preacher would dare to try it.  Clearly, JESUS felt this one line to the LOST was a sufficient and salvific message to  convey.  What more do you think needs to be added to it?  AND who are you to think that your additional rhetoric better clarifies or expresses the words of Jesus Christ in these verses?  This has got me thinking... and praying about how much I say that is NOT directed to the salvation of the lost AND how many words I use that overshadow the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.  What about you? 

Jesus said GO There and SAY This!
Friends, Where are you going?  And what are you saying?

Disciples of Jesus Christ, I pray that on today you would be still to receive the message of Jesus Christ to you.  I pray that you would also be clear about the message that Jesus Christ wants to get through you to those who are LOST.  Do not sugarcoat it!  Do not apologize for it!  Do not be embarrassed by it!  Just keep it simple.  One Line.  The Kingdom of heaven has come near!

Blessings, Glory, and Sunshine!

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