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Rev. Dr. Delesslyn A. Kennebrew, J.D., M.Div.

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#FREEFlowFriday: I Will Say NO!

Posted on July 18, 2014 at 12:54 PM

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On last week, I started this #FREEFlowFriday blogging because I realize that there are thoughts that I have and things I want to say that do not necessarily flow with whatever blog series I may currently be writing at the time.  There are many times when I just want to write what comes to my mind in the moment simply because I have the urge and the unction to write.  So, here we flow again...

This has been a very interesting week and NO I will not splurge on all of the details because that would be way too much for this space and frankly, most of it is none of your business! LOL!  However, I will say that when I feel stretched and recognized that I am being pulled in different directions based on the will and whim of others who deem that their priorities, emergencies, agendas, and dreams are somehow more important than my own, I step back.

YES!  I admit it.  I will step back from anyone or anything that is pushing or pulling me in a way that is unsettling to my own sense of purpose and peace of mind.  I will say NO and give myself permission to refuse to compromise my own sanity.  I will say NO and redirect your sense of urgency away from my calendar so as to avoid whatever anxiety you are trying to impose.  I will say NO and intentionally choose to embrace my own well-being without any guilt or shame.

I advise YOU to do the same.

Actually, I have a role model whose life was completely focused on fulfilling God's purpose for His own life to the exclusion of anyone and anything that would distract Him from that purpose.  JESUS is/was that kind of man.  He models for me the way I must keep the Kingdom of God in mind in EVERY situation and circumstance.  I am not called and I am not committed to going along with expending energy to do anything or meet anyone or participate in conversations that take me far beyond the boundaries of God's purpose for my life.

I will say NO.
And I will say YES.
And I am OK with that.

I pray that on this #FREEFlowFriday you would take the time to regroup and recommit to whatever purpose God has created you to fulfill.  I pray that YOU would have the COURAGE to say NO and to say YES to anyone or anything or any conversation as you seek to remain in the center of the will of God for your own life.

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