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It’s time for Your EYE Exam! - Matthew 5:8

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 8:40 PM
It’s time for Your EYE Exam!
Matthew 5:8 - Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
BlogFam,  A few weeks ago, I had to get my Driver’s License renewed. As many of you know, this is never a quick process, especially if you are a new resident.  I arrived early with all of my paperwork in hand. You are required to bring in all sorts of documentation to prove your citizenship and your residency and I had everything necessary.  When I arrived, I had to wait in one line to get a number to wait in another line.  After being called to submit  all of my paperwork and to pay the required fee, I had to wait in yet another line in order to take my picture for my new Driver’s License. Then I had to wait again for the Driver’s License to print.  Thankfully, I had no high expectations of efficient service.  I expected the lines and the waiting and the mediocre customer service and I was not too surprised by anything I experienced on that day. Overall, it was a relatively good experience and one that I am glad I do not have to endure for another 6 years! 
However, I do want to go back a few steps.  When my number flashed on the screen to come to the desk in order to submit my paperwork for my Driver’s License, before I could move forward in the process, the gentleman asked me to do a minor eye exam. I did not anticipate having any problems reading the letters, although it has been years since I have had a major or a minor eye exam.  I have never had to wear prescription glasses or contacts.  The only glasses I wear are shades to block the sun or clear lenses because the frames match my outfit for the day.  So, I confidently peered through the eye exam contraption on top of the desk to read the letters in each row as instructed. This was obviously not like the eye exams I remember as a kid where the chart was placed up on a wall and I had to cover one eye and then the other eye until the examiner was satisfied.  I passed the exam and he completed processing all of my information.
I have always had good vision. Thank God!  I like the option to wear glasses without it being attached to a necessity to do so because there is a physical deficiency in my sight.  I am grateful that I can see well without a near-sighted or far-sighted assessment by a formally trained Optometrist.  I am not saying that I will never need glasses, but I am saying that I am so glad that today, my physical vision is A-OK!
Yet, in light of our verse on today, regardless of the condition of your physical eyes, I wonder how clear our vision is when it comes to seeing God.  There are so many things that come to dim the light of God’s glory and divert our attention from the direction our God is moving in our lives and in this world that I will be the first to admit that I have failed exams that check my vision of God in the midst of whatever the situation or circumstance was.  What about you?  Do you have the courage to admit that there have been times when you became so distracted by the people or places or things around you that you missed seeing the godly perspective?  Well, you are NOT alone!
AND the verse for today confronts us head on with the primary reason why we allow our eyes to trick us, why we need our vision corrected, why we miss seeing the heart and the hand of God all around us.  BlogFam, the effectiveness of our godly vision is directly related to the purity of our heart’s condition.
Blessed are the PURE in heart, for they will see God.
Is it time for your eye exam?  How well do you see out of your spiritual eyes?  Are there any vision correctives that need to take place in your heart so that you can see the world from a godly and faithful perspective? OR have you grown accustomed to the darkness that pervades your line of sight so much so that you do not even anticipate the hope of God’s light to shine through the darkness?  When is the last time you saw God?
BlogFam, the effectiveness of our godly vision is directly related to the purity of our heart’s condition.
Blessedare the PURE in heart, for they will see God.
I do believe in the life that is to come we will see God in heaven when we are with God forever, but I also believe that we do not have to wait until heaven to see the effects of God’s presence and power in the earth.  I believe that God makes God’s Self available to be seen in our present, everyday reality. I believe that that God chooses to do so because God knows that we can fall into a state of despair if we are only able to see the darkness in this world.  If we were only able to see hunger, poverty, abuse, homelessness, political scandal, unemployment, manipulation, orphans, widows, sickness, depression, murder, sickness, brokenness, disease, and every other social ill, if darkness was our only frame of reference, well, God knows that we would only come to know hell on earth.  BUT in God’s infinite wisdom, God sent His Son Jesus to be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and the more we surrender our hearts to being purified by His presence in our lives, then our line of sight experiences the Christ corrective and we will see God.
So, Lord, on today, I pray that You would purify our hearts and our minds.  Help us to live for you in the midst of this dark world.  Help us to see the effects of Your sweet presence and Almighty power in our present reality and please forgive us for the times we have chosen not to look for you with our own eyes.  I pray that our vision would undergo a Christ corrective so that we can see everything from a godly perspective and I pray that what we see, we will share, so that we can inspire hope in the lives of those around us… IN JESUS NAME we are blessed, our hearts are pure,and we will see God!
BlogFam, Get Your Eyes Checked! BUT check your HEART First!
Blessed are the PURE in heart, for they will see God.
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